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Georgetown College graduate Rebekah Gooslin launches podcast to help students stay connected

For Rebekah Gooslin, a third-grade teacher at Southside Elementary in Woodford County, earning her principal certification from Georgetown College’s Graduate Education department was a game-changer.

The program enhanced her career options, lit a fire under her in pursuit of future goals, and simply made her a better educator and leader in the classroom. It also served as the launching pad for her latest project aimed at helping her students learn better, a podcast titled “Minutes with Mother Goose.”

Rebekah Gooslin, a third-grade teacher at Southside Elementary in Woodford County, has launched a podcast called “Minutes with Mother Goose.” (Georgetown College photo)

Featuring professors who remain active in their field, Georgetown College’s Graduate Education program helps teachers understand technologies that are becoming more and more critical in the world of education. For Gooslin, this focus led her to create, with the help of her students, a podcast focused on empowering students and helping them stay connected during this unprecedented and often difficult time.

“The podcast started with a challenge from Dr. (Greg) Goins,” said Gooslin. “He used his own podcast as an example for us to follow, and then one night I just said ‘I’m going to do this.’ If you listen to that first episode, I am literally in bed talking about how I’m just starting this podcast.”

Gooslin’s podcast features some interesting co-hosts; her students. “They’re really in charge of the podcast in terms of content. I’m just the producer,” said Gooslin. This method empowers students in their own learning and helps them further understand their own interests. “I try to teach my students every day that they have a voice and that voice matters. The podcast is one part of that.”

Dr. Greg Goins, Professor of Education and Director of the Principal Program at Georgetown College, was instrumental in encouraging Gooslin to start her podcast. His own podcast, “Reimagine Schools,” has been a fantastic way to help educators and teacher leaders across the country.

“I think every school should have a podcast to help amplify student voice and give teachers and principals an opportunity to share all the great things happening in schools today,” said Goins. “Too many times, parents drive by our schools and wonder what’s happening in classrooms or just assume that things are the same as when they attended school. Podcasting simply brings the school day to life and shines a light on school innovation for 21st-century learning.”

In addition to these benefits, Gooslin believes her podcast has also helped students feel connected to their teachers, fellow classmates, and school while learning virtually. “It’s easy for the students to feel lonely and disconnected, and the podcast has been a great source of connection for everyone involved,” said Gooslin.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly amplified the need for teachers to understand various technologies, these digital platforms are here to stay in education and will continue to be vital to teachers and teacher leaders everywhere.

“Building a positive school culture is an essential part of being an effective school leader, and we’ve made a conscious effort to embed elements of digital leadership within our school principal program,” said Goins. “Today, school leaders must be able to leverage digital tools such as podcasting and video editing apps to social media platforms to create real-time connections with families and community members.”

Gooslin’s time in the Graduate Education department not only inspired the start of her podcast as a means of helping her students learn, but lit a fire under her in pursuit of future goals. “I’m working toward getting my doctorate now,” said Gooslin. “In addition to being the best teacher I can be right now, I want to learn more about how I can help other teachers and one day serve as a principal and lead other educators.”

Learn more about Georgetown College’s graduate programs in education at www.georgetowncollege.edu and check out Rebekah Gooslin’s podcast on Spotify at open.spotify.com.

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