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Georgetown College’s PAEMS gives students unique real-world experience to prepare for careers

Pre-College Academic Experience in Math and Science (PAEMS) is now entering its 30th year at Georgetown College. The program gives high school students unique real-world experience in preparing them for careers in math and the sciences.

Participants take part in labs, experiments, and field research while working closely with Georgetown College faculty, as well as their fellow campers.

As PAEMS enters its 30th year, Director of PAEMS Dr. Tracy Livingston reflected on the outcomes she’s seen from the camp. “Over the years many students have come to PAEMS and then come to GC,” said Livingston. “Many of those students are now in graduate programs or in a career that is STEM related.”

While on campus, students have the unique opportunity to work directly with college faculty on research projects just like they will in college and beyond. “The goal of PAEMS is to bring students who love science to our beautiful campus and get a glimpse of what college life is like,” said Livingston. “We choose our most fun labs and experiments. I often say that in the camp environment it is cool to be a geek. We are all science nerds.”

This year, Livingston said PAEMS will feature more field trips than in previous years and a renewed focus on campers getting to know each other. “Getting to know the young students and seeing how they form relationships with each other is one of the best parts of PAEMS,” said Livingston. “I especially enjoy seeing how they learn and the questions they have.”

With more careers popping up in crucial STEM fields, PAEMS continues to grow, offering students the opportunity to get one step ahead and have fun in the process. “We are all science nerds,” Livingston said. “I hope that students see that science is fun, and that they walk away from the camp with an appreciation of all the different areas of science they encountered.

“They may not have thought Astronomy could be so interesting, for instance, until Dr. Dickinson showed them the night sky in our planetarium.”

Participants in PAEMS also receive a $10,000 scholarship to Georgetown College. Learn more at www.georgetowncollege.edu.

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