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Governor Andy Beshear reports 92 new cases of coronavirus in Kentucky, with three additional deaths

Governor Andy Beshear on Saturday reported 92 new cases of novel coronavirus and 3 new deaths in Kentucky. The total number of cases statewide now stands at 917, with 40 deaths related to the pandemic.

The Governor said following his 10-step guidance, which includes social distancing, is the key to blunting a surge in cases and urged Kentuckians not to let their guards down during a weekend filled with favorable weather.

This guidance is critical as it has become harder and harder to locate personal protective equipment (PPE) and other essential equipment for health care workers and health care facilities.

“We were trying to buy any ventilator we can, but virtually every order is getting bought out either by the federal government or being sent directly to one of the hot spots,” the Governor said. “It’s a challenge, but we go to work and we fight for everything we can get each and every day.

“We’re looking for ways we can manufacture PPE and critical equipment. If you are a Kentucky company and you think you can do any of this, give us a call. If we create our own manufacturing base to create PPE, we will be in a better place than just about any other state. If you can manufacture it, we will buy it.”

The Governor reported relative “good news” in the downward trend of influenza cases, which is an indication that “staying at home” is making a difference.

He said Kentucky’s hospitals are prepared; there are 18,500 hospital beds, 1300 ICU beds, and 1352 ventilators. He said there are not enough ventilators.

“We will get through this together,” he reiterated. “We will be a prosperous Kentucky once again.”

He said it would be months, and the end can’t be predicted just yet.

Gov. Beshear also reiterated the need for churches and other houses of worship to forego holding in-person services, following reports that some intended to continue hosting congregations.

“If you are still holding mass gatherings, church or otherwise, you are spreading the coronavirus and you are likely causing the death of Kentuckians. It’s that clear,” he said. “My church is incredibly important to me. My faith is incredibly important to me. It’s an important part of our families’ lives. We care about each other in this state, and our faith guides us and gives us the wisdom to do the right thing to protect each other.”

The Governor urged everyone to stay home, respect social distancing, not to travel, and to follow the guidelines:

See the Governor’s coronavirus website for details.

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