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KCTCS announces launch of GED Plus; program will allow Kentucky adults to earn GED, college credential

In collaboration with Kentucky Skills U, the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) has announced the launch of GED Plus, a new program allowing Kentucky adults to earn a GED and a college credential at the same time.

GED Plus is an innovative program that helps students earn a tuition-free certificate through co-enrollment in the Skills U GED program and short-term KCTCS courses. In four months or less, adults have the opportunity to earn their GED plus a college certificate that will prepare them for workforce opportunities at a faster rate.

“Our research indicates that most adults do not want to attend college because they think it costs too much and takes too long,” said KCTCS President Jay K. Box. “We have high hopes that the opportunity to obtain a GED and a tuition-free college certificate in a short amount of time will change that mindset. This program is another way we are quickly preparing people for the workforce and addressing employers’ needs.”

Kentucky has invested $15.9 million in Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship funding to fast-track skill certifications for individuals who had graduated from high school, earned or working to earn a GED, but had not received a college degree.

Gov. Matt Bevin spoke at a news conference at the Capitol Rotunda where GED Plus was announced.

“More than 340,000 Kentuckians do not have a high school diploma or GED, so we must ensure that the Commonwealth’s workforce development efforts include strong opportunities for those in need of education and skills necessary to become career ready,” said Bevin. “By empowering students to utilize the Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship for obtaining a GED plus additional credentials, we are eliminating financial barriers to education and opening a pathway to long-term success for all Kentuckians.”

The Work Ready Scholarship eliminates the financial barriers that prohibit students from seeking education opportunities by providing a pathway to more than 350 college credentials and 60 careers in five high-demand industry sectors.

Through financial assistance from Kentucky’s Work Ready Scholarship, GED Plus students can earn a certificate in one of the following high-demand fields at no cost:

• Healthcare

• Advanced Manufacturing

• Transportation/Logistics

• Business Services/IT

• Construction/Trades

Additionally, KCTCS will provide a $400 scholarship to the first 1,000 enrollees to cover expenses that are not included in the Work Ready program.

GED Plus is open to Kentuckians who have not earned a high school diploma or GED. Those who have been out of school for a while sometimes have anxiety about college. GED Plus eliminates that concern because students receive one-on-one assistance from instructors and success coaches.

“Kentucky has made significant progress in our efforts to connect working aged Kentuckians who lack a high school diploma with GED opportunities,” said Reecie Stagnolia, executive director, Office of Adult Education. “However, in today’s economy, a GED is simply not enough because the jobs of the future require additional education and training. Through the GED Plus initiative, we are able to connect Kentuckians with the resources needed to be successful in Kentucky’s current and future workforce.”

Other speakers at the news conference were Derrick Ramsey, Education and Workforce Development Cabinet Secretary; Aaron Thompson, Council on Postsecondary Education president; and Brittni Lay, an Elizabethtown Community and Technical College student in the GED Plus program.

From Kentucky Community and Technical College System

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