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Kentucky American Water announces 2017 Firefighting Support Grant recipients

Kentucky American Water has awarded grants totaling $9,955 to 20 Kentucky fire and rescue organizations in support of the departments’ year-round efforts to protect the communities they serve. The donations are part of the company’s annual Firefighting Support Grant program, which the company initiated in 2011. This year’s donations bring the total amount of funds provided through this program since its inception to $55,668. The maximum grant per organization is $500.

“The water industry and firefighting organizations have a natural connection historically and today since in many cases waterworks were constructed not only to provide safe, clean drinking water to citizens but also to provide much-needed fire protection for communities,” according to Kevin Rogers, vice president of operations. “We appreciate the work that these dedicated men and women do every day for the communities we serve in our 12-county service region, and we’re pleased to provide this support.”

The following organizations will each receive a grant in 2017.

From Kentucky American Water

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