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Kentucky couple healing from motorcycle accident experience God’s favor through ‘amazing’ gesture

By Mark Maynard
Kentucky Today

Doug and Molly Saunders are on the mend after a motorcycle accident on Sept. 19. They are also learning the lesson of how God works everything for good.

Not only did they both survive the accident – Molly was in the hospital for a month and a day after three surgeries – but they have watched in amazement as Christian brothers and sisters who never knew them came alongside them in a time of need.

Doug Saunders is the admissions director at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College in Pineville and works closely with associational mission strategists with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. He was visiting with Randy McPheron of the Rockcastle Association when the talk circled around to motorcycles.

Molly and Doug Saunders are appreciative of Baptist Bikers holding a benefit for them. The Saunders were in a motorcycle accident on Sept. 19. (Photo provided)

“We are both Clear Creek graduates, so we already had that connection,” Saunders said. “We were talking at his place in Mt. Vernon and I saw a picture of his bike which started another conversation.”

McPheron was later talking with Todd Davis, the director of Student Life at Clear Creek, who told him the Saunders had been involved in a serious motorcycle accident. Medical expenses were beginning to pile up.

That put McPheron’s wheels in motion to get with the Baptist Bikers organization he started in 2014 and have a benefit ride for the Saunders. On a clear and cold Saturday morning last weekend, more than two dozen riders came out and raised $1,000 for their medical expenses.

Doug Pope, who leads a classic car ministry out of Corinth Baptist in London, also brought a group to participate. The gesture floored the Saunders because they knew very few of the riders who gathered to come alongside them.

“Oh my gosh, I just wanted to cry,” Molly said. “We’re usually on the giving side of it, not the receiving side.”

Her husband was equally moved by how these Christian bikers came together for them.

“It just says something about the love of Christ and the brotherly love of brothers and sisters of Christ loving on each other,” he said. “We had never met 90 percent of those people. I knew Randy and I had been working with Doug (Pope). Not only did they get out and brave a very cold ride in the morning, but they came and stood beside somebody they didn’t know other than we had the same Savior.”

That was the unbreakable Christian bond that became even stronger. Doug and Molly said they aren’t asking why them when it comes to the accident either. They are thanking God for the experiences that have come through it, like meeting these new Christian friends who thought so much of them.

McPheron said the KBC was instrumental in helping him launch Baptist Bikers six years ago, which has about 15 who “wear the patch.”

“The KBC has been huge in helping us,” he said. “They helped us get a graphic designer to do the patch. It has been a good group and we had some great opportunities. We raised over $10,000 for Sunrise (Children’s Services) and did some other biker events like this one. We go to little Sturgis in Western Kentucky every year and connect with some bikers there on a big convention.”

Baptist Bikers may have gained a couple of new members in the Saunders, although Molly said she’d prefer to do the cooking instead of riding after getting out of the hospital on Tuesday.

“Molly said she will be the one who drives the car up there and waits on us,” her husband said. “I don’t think I’ll get her on a motorcycle again anytime soon.

“People have a hard time understanding how we can say, ‘Thank you, Lord’ to the experience,” Doug said. “Don’t get me wrong, we wish we’d never had the accident. But we know there’s truth in scripture and God says He will use all things for His glory. We’ve learned how God is using this to show us. We have a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s love. You see that when people who don’t even know you want to pour love on you. We experienced that.”

McPheron said anyone interested in joining Baptist Bikers can call him at 606-308-2579.

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