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Kentucky Distillers’ Association leads coalition offering $20 discount on rides during the holidays

This holiday season, Kentuckians can get $20 off safe rides through January 1 thanks to a coalition of beverage alcohol industry groups led by the Kentucky Distillers’ Association.

The discount is available by entering the code SAFERIDEKY17 in the Lyft or CityScoot mobile applications. The promotion will run Friday, December 15th until Monday, January 1st wherever those companies’ services are available, while supplies last.

A new coalition of beverage alcohol industry groups today announced its campaign to offer $20 discounts on safe rides during the holidays (Photo from KDA)

The campaign – titled “This one’s on us” and produced by Red7e in Louisville – will be promoted to consumers of legal drinking age online and in bars, liquor stores and other retail environments where beverage alcohol is sold.

KDA launched the campaign and coalition of public, private and non-profit entities this year as part of its increased commitment to end impaired driving. The group includes the KDA, the Kentucky Guild of Brewers, Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Kentucky, and Smart Start Inc.

“We like to say that Bourbon brings people together, and the holidays are a festive time to gather with family and friends,” KDA President Eric Gregory said. “We’re proud to unite with our beer and wholesale partners in helping to make sure those celebrations are safe and responsible.”

Together, the group is making at least $10,000 worth of rides available throughout the Commonwealth during the holiday season. Learn more at www.saferideky.com.

Lyft, an on-demand ride service, recently expanded its coverage area within Kentucky as part of a partnership with the KDA and its Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour. Code SAFERIDEKY17 will help new and existing users plan ahead by offering $10 off a ride out and $10 off a ride home.

CityScoot is an alternative on-demand designated driver service in Louisville that takes customers home in their own vehicles at the end of the night. Code SAFERIDEKY17 will earn users $20 off a single service call.

Ali Edelstein, the KDA’s Director of Social Responsibility, said the program complements the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) education and enforcement efforts and will empower individuals to make smart choices.

“We ask motorists to always be responsible behind the wheel. This includes planning a sober ride home if you intend to consume alcohol,” said KOHS Executive Director Dr. Noelle Hunter.

“Drunken driving-related crashes are 100 percent preventable and we appreciate the coalition’s efforts to help prevent these tragedies from occurring on Kentucky roadways.” 

According to Kentucky State Police, 25 drunk driving deaths occurred during Christmas and New Years in the last five years, while holidays like Labor Day (15), Memorial Day (15), and Independence Day (14) saw Kentucky families lose loved ones to drunk driving, as well.

“While Kentucky’s alcohol-impaired fatality rates are below the national average, the Safe Ride KY coalition and its partners know that even one death is too many,” Edelstein said. “We want to make it easier for everyone to do their part by using a discounted safe ride home.”

Derek Selznick, Executive Director at the Kentucky Guild of Brewers said on-demand services like Lyft and CityScoot make it easier to plan ahead and celebrate the holidays responsibly. “There’s no excuse for anyone to drink and drive,” he said.

Dan Meyer, President of Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Kentucky, added, “The majority of consumers know this and are already making the right choice. This campaign rewards them with a free ride and helps them remind friends and family to choose the same.”

Mark Roberts, Founder of CityScoot, confirmed, “We’re making it easy to be responsible. We think this program will help deliver a record number of consumers home safely this holiday season.”

Beverage alcohol retailers who would like to receive materials to promote the free safe ride code, or any groups that would like to help financially, should contact Edelstein at ali@kybourbon.com. “We’re always looking for new partners to join us and expand this critical initiative,” she said.

From Kentucky Distillers’ Association

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