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Kentucky Housing Corporation honors state’s top lenders during virtual Annual Recognition Awards

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC), the state housing finance agency, recognized its 2020 top lending partners at the 16th Annual Recognition Awards held virtually via Facebook live.

Kentuckians who received a KHC home loan in 2020 worked with one of more than 111 partnering lender banks and mortgage companies in communities across the state. KHC offers loans for first-time and repeat home buyers with down payment assistance, and refinancing options for current homeowners. Since 1972, nearly 98,000 Kentuckians have become homeowners by obtaining a KHC loan.

“Today, we are honoring our top loan officers and lenders, but I want to extend my gratitude to all 638 loan officers and 108 companies who partnered with Kentucky Housing Corporation last year,” said Winston Miller, executive director and chief executive officer. “Their dedication, hard work and ingenuity is helping us offer more Kentuckians affordable housing solutions. Last year, thanks to their partnership, more than 3,700 individuals and families had a new home to shelter in place, to set up their classrooms and offices and to recover from illness during the pandemic. We are proud of our lenders’ success and look forward to another great year in 2021.” said Winston Miller, KHC’s executive director.

Owning a home has many advantages such as building equity over time, property value appreciation, and the pride and security that comes with homeownership. There is also a correlation between stable neighborhoods and strong communities where there is social and civic engagement and more access to education and economic opportunities.

“KHC appreciates the partnership between our lenders and counselors in providing housing solutions to many homebuyers across the Commonwealth. Despite the pandemic, KHC had a great year of production thanks to our network of over 111 lenders and 20 Counseling agencies,” said Jaime Rice, managing director of Single-Family Programs at KHC.

During the live stream, KHC announced $5.5 million in funding for the Mortgage Revenue Bond (MRB) Special Funding Program with a 1.00 percent fixed interest rate for 30 years. The MRB Special Funding Program aids households whose gross annual income does not exceed $40,000 and is first-come, first-served. Reservations for funding began March 19. Full details about the program can be found online at KHC’s MRB Special Funding website.

Kentucky Housing Corporation 2020 Top Loan Producers:

• Top Producing Lender, First Place: Republic State Mortgage Company
• Top Producing Lender, Second Place: American Mortgage Service Company
• Top Producing Lender, Third Place: Stockton Mortgage Corporation
• Top Producing Lender, Fourth Place: Bank of England
• Top Third Party Originating Lender: Homeplace Mortgage Inc.
• Top Loan Officer: Connie Lancaster, Homeplace Mortgage Inc.
• Top Mortgage Credit Certificate Lender: Stockton Mortgage Corporation
• Top Mortgage Credit Certificate Loan Officer: Connie Lancaster, Homeplace Mortgage Inc.

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