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Kentucky Republicans gain 12 seats, expand supermajority in state house and senate

By Tom Latek
Kentucky Today

The Republican supermajority in the Kentucky House and Senate is getting even bigger, according to election night numbers.

The 7th Senate District, which was held by Democrat Julian Carroll who did not seek reelection, is a pick-up for the GOP. Adrienne Southworth has defeated Democrat Joe Graviss, who gave up his House seat for the Senate run.

Another Republican flip is the 29th Senate District, where Democrat Johnnie Ray Turner, who had been in office since 2001, has been defeated by Republican Johnny L. Turner.

Republicans gained 12 seats in Tuesday’s elections. (Kentucky Today file photo)

There have been numerous Republican pick-ups in the House, meaning their current 62-38 lead is going to end well up in the 70s.

In the 10th District, Republican Josh Calloway has defeated Democratic incumbent Dean Schamore, by a 51.6% to 48.4% margin.

In the 11th District, the GOP’s Johnathon Dixon has unseated Democrat Wiederstein, 54-46%.

In the 13th District Republican D. J. Johnson has gotten a measure of revenge after Democrat Jim Glenn defeated him by one vote two years ago, in a race which ended up in an election contest before Johnson conceded. Johnson won handily this time in the third run between the two men, by a 54-46% margin.

In the 39th District, Republican Matt Locket beat Democrat Carolyn Dupont, 62-38%, to replace Democrat Russ Meyer, who resigned his seat.

In the 47th District, which was open after the resignation of Democrat Rick Rand, the GOP’s Felicia Rabourn defeated Democrat Jack Couch, by a 69-31% margin.

In the 48th District Republican Ken Fleming, who lost to Democrat Maria Sorolis in 2018, regained his seat, on a 51-49% count.

In the 56th District, which was open after Democrat Joe Graviss gave up the seat in an unsuccessful run for the Senate, Republican Daniel Fister beat Democrat Lamar Allen, 53-47%.

In the 70th District, which was open after Democrat John Sims, Jr., decided not to seek re-election, Republican William Lee Lawrence defeated Democrat Craig Miller, 65-35%.

In the 91st District, which was open after Democrat Cluster Howard did not seek re-election, the GOP’s Billy Wesley eased past Democrat Paula Clemons-Combs, 71-29%.

In the 93rd District, where Democrat Chris Harris did not seek re-election in favor of an unsuccessful run for the Supreme Court, Republican Norma Kirk-McCormick defeated Democrat Rod Varney, by a 63-37% margin.

In the 96th District, Republican Patrick Flannery upended incumbent Democrat Kathy Hinkle, 69-31%.

In the 100th District, Republican Scott Sharp has ousted Democratic incumbent Terry Branham Clark, 54-46%.

While up to 90% of the votes were expected to be counted Tuesday night, the county clerks have until Friday to submit final numbers, so some close races could conceivably change.

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  1. Stephen F. Wiseman says:

    Now is the time for House and Senate to take control of the State’s response to Covid19. The Governor’s opinion and daily updates are no longer needed.

    One person’s opinion isn’t called for any more.

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