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Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to provided updated Water Over Road reports as flooding continies

River levels along our counties are expected to remain elevated and fairly steady over about the next week. As water levels have fluctuated, several highways had Water Over Road signs or Road Closed signs posted, then removed over the weekend.

Additional rainfall this week could create some additional travel issues along our highways. Please be alert for Water Over Road and Road Closed signs. They are there for your safety and the safety of others. As a reminder, you can be cited for driving around or moving Road Closed signs.

Please note that navigation lights and roadway lighting on the U.S. 62 Tennessee River below Kentucky Dam at the Marshall-Livingston County Line are off due to floodwaters threatening power lines that carry electricity to the bridge. Duration is unknown.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will attempt to provide timely updates and advance notice when floodwaters are expected to impact major highway connections.

We have the following KY Highway Water Over Road report for District 1 at this hour:

Crittenden County

• The Cave-In-Rock Ferry is CLOSED due to floodwaters covering KY 91 at the 15.7mm at the Kentucky Landing (Estimated to about Feb 24)

Fulton County

• The Dorena-Hickman Ferry is CLOSED due to floodwaters covering the Kentucky Landing (Estimated to about Feb 28)
• KY 1354 is CLOSED between KY 94 and the Dorena-Hickman Ferry Landing- signs posted
• KY 1129/Adams Road is CLOSED from the 4 to 9mm- signs posted

Hickman County

• KY 123 is CLOSED at the 14 to 16mm in the Hailwell Corner Area- signs posted
• KY 780 is OPEN at the 1 to 2 mm between the RR Crossing and Titsworth Rd

Livingston County

• KY 917/Tucker Temple Road is CLOSED at the 7 to 9mm in the Hazel Creek area south of the KY 866 intersection- signs posted
• KY 137/River Road is CLOSED at the 9 to 10mm near Sugar Camp Road- signs posted
• KY 137/River Road is CLOSED at the 13 to 14mm in the Long Branch Creek and Hurley Road area- signs posted
• KY 70/Tiline Road is OPEN at the 8 to 9mm east of KY 2232/Sugar Creek Road

Lyon County

• KY 819/Sunnyside Loop is CLOSED at the 2.4mm with access maintained from each end- signs posted

McCracken County

• KY 1255/Bonds Road is CLOSED at the 2 to 3mm just west of the KY 450/Oaks Road intersection- signs posted
• KY 787/Bryant Ford Road is CLOSED at the 1 to 2mm near the McCracken-Marshall County Line- signs posted
• KY 1420/Noble Road is CLOSED at the 3.8 to 4.3mm in the Massac Creek area between Meredith Road and Johnson Road Updates as appropriate.

The lake and river forecast is available at www.weather.gov – click on the Rivers and Lakes link at the bottom and look for the location you want to check.

Timely traffic advisories for the 12 counties of KYTC Highway District 1 are available by visiting Ky Distict 1 on Facebook. You do not have to be a Facebook member to access this page.

Navigate traffic at goky.ky.gov, at waze.com, or with the WAZE App.

From Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

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