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KET to air live coverage of Fancy Farm picnic; Kentucky’s premier political event begins Aug. 5

KET will provide comprehensive coverage of Fancy Farm 2017, the state’s premier political event. The network will present both live and highlighted coverage of the event.

Live coverage of Fancy Farm 2017, hosted by KET’s Casey Parker-Bell, begins Saturday, Aug. 5 at 3/2 pm on KET and online at KET.org. Live coverage continues through 5/4 pm, and the afternoon’s political stump speeches will be broadcast in their entirety. Archived speeches will be available for online streaming on KET’s website.

Then, at 8/7 pm Monday, August 7, KET will air a half-hour highlights program, co-hosted by Renee Shaw and Casey Parker-Bell, featuring key moments from this year’s Fancy Farm picnic.

Every year since the early 1880s, St. Jerome Catholic Church in the small town of Fancy Farm in Western Kentucky has hosted an annual community picnic. It was a local affair at first, but at some point, political candidates began to see the Fancy Farm Picnic as a good chance to meet, greet and stump for votes, and by the middle of the 20th century, a platform for speaking was added.

Fancy Farm 2017 is a KET production, produced by Renee Shaw.

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