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Ky. Health Center Network’s leadership conference presents awards for ‘Outperforming the Field’

The third Annual Leadership Conference of the Kentucky Health Center Network, held in Lexington, was themed Outperforming the Field.

Speakers from around the country presented information on timely topics, including:

• Federal Policy and Legislative Update
• Building a Better Compliance Program
• Team Based Care
• Analytics for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced QI Staff
• Effective Human Resource Management
• Using the UDS Mapper
• Recruitment for Retention Strategies
• Health Center Security Risk Management
• Preparing for Active Shooters in the Workplace

Conference management support was provided by Ernie Scott, Director, and Kayla Combs, Rural Health Project Manager, at the Kentucky Office of Rural Health.

Awards were awarded to:

Outstanding Leader Award was presented to Board President Greg Wolverton.

In March 2013, Greg agreed to serve as Board President of KHCN which had been funded for nearly 4 months, but had experienced some turmoil, and more was to follow. At one point, KHCN had made no progress on its grant work and was in danger of losing the grant. During this difficult time, Greg served as both Board Chair and Interim CEO of the organization. He served these roles for about 18 months, in addition to his “day” job as CIO of ARcare/KentuckyCare/MississippiCare. During that time, progress was made toward grant objectives and all started moving in the right direction. KHCN has not stopped making progress and improving since that time. Greg’s leadership has been invaluable to KHCN, an organization that may have failed if not for him “stepping up to the plate” during a very difficult time. In addition, Greg’s national connections have provided the KHCN wonderful opportunities for funding for the Network and participating members, as well as invaluable information from the national perspective.

Outstanding Service or Program Award was presented to the Cumberland Family Medical Center School-Based Health Center Program.

Cumberland Family Medical Center, Inc. (CFMC) provides school-based health services to the largest geographic area in our Network while providing a full range of services including medical, dental and behavioral health.  Currently CFMC operates 45 Healthy Kids Clinics across nine rural school districts. The Healthy Kids Clinics of CFMC provide on-site acute care, well-child checks, immunizations, and behavioral health services for children and families, as well as a full range of oral health services through their Wellness on Wheels mobile medical unit. The School-Based Health Centers allow CFMC staff to involve themselves deeply in the schools and communities they serve by supporting youth-driven programs, providing scholarship opportunities, health educational instruction, and outreach in relation to healthy nutrition, activity, and reading.  They are visible in the communities, participate in parent and youth coalitions, and partner with local health departments, civic groups, and businesses to support the local schools. Additionally, Cumberland Family has been very supportive and helpful to KHCN members that offer or are considering offering school-based services by sharing information at meetings and leading our first School-Based Health Center Legislative Day in Frankfort during the 2017 Legislative Session.

White House Clinics receive the Outstanding Organization Award (Photo provided)

Outstanding Organization Award was presented to White House Clinics.

Since its humble beginnings in the little white house in McKee, Kentucky in 1973, White House Clinics has been looking for ways to better serve its patients. They have grown now to nine locations, and offer comprehensive primary care that includes medical, dental, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment, pharmacy, and enabling services. White House Clinics works closely with community organizations like hospitals, YMCAs, and health departments to ensure services are not duplicated, but are offered in the places and ways that best serve patients. White House Clinics truly believe in and practice Continuous Quality Improvement – actively seeking innovative ways to best provide quality care to patients and funding to support new initiatives. Additionally, they share what works and what doesn’t with others. One example is the project of their proactive office encounter, an idea to improve quality of care learned at a meeting. They found funding, tested the model, and experienced great success, which was shared statewide with KHCN members and nationally at the NACHC Community Health Institute. They also participate in community events in the communities they serve, to ensure improving and maintaining health is at the top of mind of local residents. Commitment to serve patients, to pursue continuous quality improvement, and to spread successes are some of what makes White House Clinics an outstanding organization.

Provider Excellence Award was presented to Bhavini Mody High, APRN.

Bhavini serves as the Director of School-Based Clinics at HealthFirst Bluegrass Community Health Center. She has worked to embed HealthFirst’s school-based health program into the Fayette County School Systems, and they are now a trusted partner with the school system. They participate in staff meetings in the schools they serve, provide training to school staff, and work to incorporate themselves as much as possible to be viewed as school staff. Since HealthFirst is a part of the school, they are viewed as a part of that team – not just an external partner. Establishing this type of relationship with a complex and ever-changing organization like a school system is quite challenging and takes the right person with the right attitude and desire to make it work. This is Bhavini. Bhavini is also a very valuable member of KHCN, as she educates and shares information with other KHCN organization members so that all can learn from her challenges and successes.

Health Center Quality Award was presented to Big Sandy Health Care.

Of the eight categories for Bureau of Primary Health Care Quality Improvement Awards in late 2017, Big Sandy Health Care received seven, and they also received the largest monetary reward for this work. They were awarded for:

• Using the entire universe of patients in their EHR for reporting clinical quality measures
• Notable improvement in clinical quality measures year over year
• Best overall clinical performance among health centers
• Exceeding national clinical quality benchmarks for chronic disease management, preventive care, and perinatal/prenatal care
• Increasing the number of patients served and the number of patients receiving comprehensive services year over year
• Achieving PCMH recognition
• Meeting or making marked advancements in achieving Healthy People 2020 goals by each race and ethnic group of patients.

Community Service Award was presented to Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center.

Located in Louisville’s West End, which is economically depressed and lacks many amenities, Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center serves to improve the quality of life in the Shawnee neighborhood. It can be a dangerous area, as demonstrated by a shooting that took place in the parking lot of a school at which Shawnee provides school-based health services. In fact, shootings occur frequently in the Shawnee neighborhood. Shawnee Community Health Center and its employees are committed to improving this community. The Medical Director lives there. They have established a community garden, just across the street from the clinic, and leased space for a community room. Shawnee supports programs that specifically serve the Shawnee area, like community festivals at Shawnee Park and the Shawnee Neighborhood Association. They also work with like-minded organizations, like Refuge Louisville and the Center for Neighborhoods, to bring hope and change to those they serve.

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