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KyForward NewsMatch: Individual donations made by year’s end will be doubled; help us reach our 2019 goal

KyForward is participating in the national NewsMatch funding to add as many individual supporters of our nonprofit as we can by year’s end.

Our goal is just $10,000 and we need to reach that by Dec. 31. NewsMatch will double your contribution.

Please help us reach the goal.

KyForward is a nonprofit public service, essentially belonging to the greater Kentucky community and made possible by the dedication of professional journalists who care deeply about the community. It is published by the Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism (KYPCSJ).

As we continue to sustain this news site, we must have broad-based support from the community as a whole — and that includes everyone reading this appeal. And if everyone chips in a little, no one is overly burdened — and everyone gets a quality service in return.

Our news is free to all. We will not have a pay-wall and will not require payment. That’s voluntary and we hope our readers understand why the support is necessary. Everyone should be able to get the news. News-gathering is not cheap. The news doesn’t put itself on our pages or keep the technology working or volunteer to answer emails or the phone or pay the bills.

However modest our expenses are, they are still expenses, honest and true. And we want to hire more reporters and editors and engage more columnists and freelancers who understand how to do what we do.

Thanks to all of those who have already contributed — and thanks to the rest of you in advance for helping us reach (or even exceed) our goal.

Let’s end 2019 on a high note.

Contribute online here (it’s secure)

or mail your check made out to KYCPSJ to 644 Braddock Court, Edgewood, KY 41017.

Thank you on behalf of the KyForward Team,

Judy Clabes
Founder and contributor

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