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KYTC releases list of statewide transportation projects to guide decisions on 2020 Highway Plan

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has released a data-driven list of projects that are candidates for state transportation funding, using initial results from the State Highway Investment Formula for Tomorrow (SHIFT).

The results will be a key component in developing the upcoming 2020 Highway Plan.

The statewide list includes 49 high-ranking projects under consideration for funding – interstates and highways that move people and goods from one Kentucky region to another and to other states – as well as 74 committed projects that are highly ranked enacted projects from the 2018 Recommended Highway Plan.

The 123 projects will receive priority consideration as KYTC develops the Recommended Highway Plan, a six-year outline for transportation spending, presented to the 2020 General Assembly to guide decision-making.

SHIFT is a formula-based process that uses objective data on safety, congestion, asset management, economic growth and benefit-cost ratios. It is the product of Gov. Matt Bevin’s pledge to create a more balanced, data-driven, transparent approach to prioritizing the Commonwealth’s transportation funding.

“SHIFT 2018 helped Kentucky leaders develop the most balanced, responsible and objective Highway Plan in modern times,” said Transportation Secretary Greg Thomas. “With the help of local transportation leaders, lawmakers and the cabinet’s transportation professionals, we will continue to chart a dependable path forward for our citizens.”

The next step will be development by local officials and transportation leaders (Area Development Districts, Metropolitan Planning Organizations and KYTC District Offices) of priority projects that will have a regional impact. Leaders in four broad geographic regions of the state – each including three KYTC districts – will gather to discuss priorities for their areas from a list of more than 1,000 regional projects and statewide projects that did not advance to the statewide list.

Later this fall, the statewide and regional lists developed under SHIFT 2020 scoring will guide the formulation of the Recommended Highway Plan. The plan will also include funding for priorities outside of SHIFT, including projects already underway and federally designated programs such as the Transportation Alternative Program and the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality program funded through the Office of Local Programs.

For more information about SHIFT 2020 and to view the statewide projects list, visit transportation.ky.gov.


Scoring Factors

• Safety
• Congestion
• Asset Management
• Economic Growth
• Benefit/Cost

Committed Projects

• Highly ranked projects enacted from the Recommended Highway Plan
• Design phase complete
• Includes federal grant projects (BUILD and INFRA) and the I-Move Kentucky corridor project

Statewide Projects

• Highly ranked projects with statewide impact under consideration for funding from SHIFT 2020 initial scoring – interstates and highways that move people and goods from one Kentucky region to another and to other states.

Regional Projects

• Projects ranked highly in initial scoring will be prioritized by local officials and transportation leaders in four geographic regions of the state. Leaders will screen area projects with regional impact, as well as statewide projects that did not advance to the statewide list.

From Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

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