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Living Arts & Science Center going digital during COVID shutdown with The Living Think

What is going on at The Living Arts & Science Center?

“Our challenge now is how to go from hands-on to hands-off while still providing the best programming,” says Laurie Preston, The Living Art & Science Center’s Development Director and a veteran of Lexington stages. “It’s a reinvention of who we are.”

The center’s first-ever foray into the digital realm was prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced LASC to cancel all in-person, highly interactive classes and camps in mid-March and furlough most of its staff.

Photos by Kevin Nance

“We’re known for art, we’re known for science, and we’re very much known for hands-on learning,” says Halligan. “With the current situation with COVID-19, we really can’t do that. We can’t have students in our building. We can’t have our classes and camps that we’re so well known for.”

So, what is happening at the center?

The solution to this dilemma, at least until the center can return to normal operations, is providing digital lessons on a variety of platforms.

“The Living Think” aimed at students from between 8 and 12 years old, the 24-episode series is being written and performed by members of the LASC staff, including development director Laurie Genet Preston and science educator Heather Donlan, who play Miss Information and Miss Know, respectively. Subscribe to The Living Think’s YouTube page today and enjoy a new video every Thursday.
Another long standing program, PreK Art Day, a free weekly class that encourages you and your young person to create and learn together has moved online. You can follow along LIVE with Miss Ashlee, an art educator at the center, every Tuesday at 10:00AM on The LASC’s Facebook page or save the video for after and share with the whole family.
In terms of new programming, the center will be unveiling virtual S.T.E.A.M camp, led by the STEAM TEAM of Miss Heather and Miss Ashlee July 20-29. This camp includes six 90 minute lessons that incorporate art, engineering, and some history! You can register for this virtual camp as early as July 1st at www.lasclex.org.

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