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Makings of a Master: Exhibit features live demonstrations of passing down traditions

The egg basket on the left is made by master artisan Lestel Childress. The one on the right is made by Childress' apprentice Beth Hester. (Photo from KAC)

The egg basket on the left is made by master artisan Lestel Childress. The one on the right is made by Childress’ apprentice Beth Hester. (Photo from KAC)

The Grant County Public Library in Williamstown has the Kentucky Arts Council’s Makings of a Master exhibit on view now through Oct. 22, with a special event planned to celebrate local folk arts masters and apprentices Oct. 7.
The exhibit celebrates and explores relationships between Kentucky’s master tradition bearers and their apprentices who have worked together through the Kentucky Folk Art Apprenticeship program. Visitors to the exhibit will explore the relationship between master and apprentice through artifacts, videos and activities, as well as live performances and demonstrations.
“Kentucky is home to a wide variety of highly accomplished master artists who, for generations, have been willing to share their knowledge with less experienced artists for the purpose of conserving art forms important to Kentucky culture,” said Lori Meadows, arts council executive director. “This exhibit is a celebration of their contributions to the arts in the Commonwealth.”
There will be a special concert celebrating the impact and legacy of the late Blanche Coldiron, a Kentucky master musician and Dry Ridge resident who passed musical skills and cultural knowledge to master musician Sue Massek of the Reel World String Band. Massek, in turn, has worked with apprentice musician Erin Fitzgerald to pass along knowledge she obtained from Coldiron.
Massek and Fitzgerald will honor Coldiron’s music at a public concert at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 7, at the Grant County Public Library at 201 Barnes Rd. in Williamstown.
Since 1993, the Kentucky Arts Council has supported masters and apprentices of community-based art forms with the Folk and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program. Artists include traditional musicians, dancers, blacksmiths, weavers, marble makers, chair makers, quilters, storytellers and more.
For more information on the Makings of a Master exhibit, or to see where the exhibit will be headed next, visit here.
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