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McConnell waves Republican Banner, praises Ky. Republicans, Trump during Fancy Farm speech

By Tom Latek
Kentucky Today

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was effusive in his praise of Kentucky Republicans during his speech at the annual Fancy Farm Picnic and political speaking in western Kentucky on Saturday.

“Under President Trump, Gov. Bevin and our united Republican leadership, Kentucky is leading the way,” he said.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the podium with U.S. Rep. Jamie Comer behind him on Saturday at Fancy Farm. (Photo by Tom Latek, Kentucky Today)

He took a jab at his 2020 re-election opponent, Democrat Amy McGrath in his speech. “I want to thank Amy for her bravery, running for office in Kentucky takes a lot of guts to hold your first campaign event in Virginia.”

The Louisville Republican said, “In Washington, President Trump and I are making America great again. Confirming young and brilliant judges and investing in our great military, as evidenced by our great men and women in Fort Campbell and Fort Knox. Middle-class tax cuts, regulatory rollbacks. Congressman Jamie Comer and I led the charge to legalize industrial hemp. Now it’s growing in 101 of our 120 counties. We’re also leading the way in the war on Asian carp in our western Kentucky lakes.”

McConnell also took a jab at the Democratic Presidential contenders. “They want open borders, and abolish ICE. We want to build a wall. They want the job-killing Green New Deal. We know coal keeps the lights on. They want to take away your employer-based health insurance and force everyone into one big government plan. We want to keep what works and fix what doesn’t.”

He said the Democrats want to turn America into a socialist country. “President Trump and Mitch McConnell are never going to let that happen. I like to call myself the Grim Reaper, because I’m killing their socialist agenda. But the first step in fighting these socialist schemes happens right here in Kentucky this year. We need to re-elect Governor Bevin, so he can continue his record-setting days for Kentucky workers.”

“Twenty billion in announced new investment in our state under this governor, 55,000 announced new jobs under this governor. We need to send our entire Republican team of all-stars to Frankfort.”

Among them is a former McConnell staffer. “Our first Republican Attorney General since the 1940s, Daniel Cameron.”

He also touted the rest of the GOP slate on the November ballot.

McConnell concluded his remarks, “There’s also the other side of the stage,” referring to the Democrats. “I’m going to spend about as much time talking about them as Kentuckians will voting for them in November— none.”

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  1. Michael Turney says:

    I’m appalled by the typo in the headline: “waives” was totally inappropriate (and I’m pretty sure unintended choice. “Waves” would have been a bit of a cliche, but at least it would have been correct in meaning and in context.

    Oh, how I long for the “good old days” when publishers actually had some appreciation for the English language and hired proof-readers to review their copy before it was distributed!

    • judyclabes says:

      Dr. Turney — We are on your side and have fixed the error. Our apologies. Folks made honest errors in “the good old days” and they weren’t so easy to fix — but we long for them as well and are doing the best we can do with a slim and capable group of dedicated journalists. Sometimes, after a fairly usual 14 hour day, we can just be plain tired and an occasional but unfortunate error occurs. And, sometimes, there’s just not someone else around to double-check everything. And sometimes autocorrect plays mean tricks. To suggest though that any error is anything but unintentional would be beyond unfair. Sadly, we can’t always wait for another professional to review everything. Just the nature of this new and wonderful beast we have hold of. I’m sure a journalism teacher can appreciate that. Thanks for watching and for copyediting — always happy to have the help!

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