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New, modern playground replaces old wooden one at Veterans Park, to engage children of all ages

One of Lexington’s oldest wooden playgrounds is no more. 

Lexington Parks and Recreation opened a new playground at Veterans Park, with Mayor Jim Gray and Councilmember Susan Lamb cutting a ribbon to make it official.

“This playground is one of many we have repaired or replaced across our city,” Mayor Jim Gray said. “We have made it a priority to make sure our playground equipment is safe and accessible to all children.”

New playgrounds have opened at Jacobson Park, Valley Park, Douglass Park, and Kenawood Park, among others.

Councilmembers have been strong supporters of the replacement of playground equipment. Councilmembers Susan Lamb and Kathy Plomin, who was unable to attend Thursday’s news conference, represent the neighborhoods surrounding Veterans Park.

“It is an honor to represent a district that has amazing city parks, including Veterans Park,” Lamb said. “The new playground equipment, along an active trail, is a new perk for the park and can be used by children of all ages and abilities. Veterans Park is truly transforming into a recreational destination for our city, while still honoring those who have served our country.”

Plomin said, “The Veterans Park neighborhood area is such a vibrant and active residential location. The park provides green space, forestry, and a water feature. The addition of ‘state-of-the-art’ playground equipment will be a welcome addition to the neighborhoods surrounding the park, and I am appreciative and proud our city is making these enhancements and investments in our neighborhood areas throughout the community.”

The original Veterans Park playground was built in the late 1980s. “This new playground replaces some of the last standing wood equipment in Lexington,” Monica Conrad Director of Parks and Recreation said. “We’ve chosen unique, modern equipment that engages children of different ages and with different interests.”

At the new playground, children can enjoy miniature playhouses, spin on a modified merry-go-round, rock climb, swing, and more.

“The new playground combines some traditional play equipment and new ‘play pods’ that encourage children to be more active by walking from one play station to the next,” said Michelle Kosieniak, Parks Superintendent of Planning and Design.

The new equipment is near Shelter 1, which has been converted into a first-come, first-serve shelter so everyone in the community can enjoy it.

Veterans Park is home to basketball courts, a mountain bike trail, a disc golf course, wooded area, and a paved trail. The park is often used for sports practice and games.

True to its name, Veterans Park also honors veterans. It is home to several memorials to those who lost their lives in war, and to families that have lost loved ones in service to our country.

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