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Norma Oliver’s Furniture Rescue: Small corner shelf table, now black n’ blue

This corner shelf was sitting out at a neighbor’s yard sale a few weeks ago. It looked nice, but I really wanted to slap some paint on it….so I did because that’s what I do.

I liked the black wrought iron so I left that part alone. The overly glossy wood shelves were not my style. Aubusson Blue chalk paint was the color that would look great with the black wrought iron trim. This was applied heavily and then blown dry with my trusty blow dryer till it crackled. This step was necessary because it added some dimension and texture to the surface.

In order for the crackle finish to be intensified, I used a watered down wash of black onyx. This not only toned down the blue, but settled in the brush strokes and cracks, magnifying them. The blue on its own is a really rich color, but since this piece already had the black wrought iron, I wanted to tone it down a notch and have some black as part of the coloring within the painted areas.

The result is pleasing to the eye! The final finish is a low satin sheen that is just enough to show of the thick brush strokes and crackling. This is a handy size table for use as an end table or for any little corner in your home or office.

The corner shelf table will be available this weekend at Norma’s Kentiques booth at the Peddler’s Mall in Georgetown. Remember, my stuff is inside on the far left. I also hope to have some old windows, smaller items and Christmas things available along with this. Be sure to “like” my Facebook page so you know of other items as they come available, for this location or at Country Hearts in Williamstown.





Norma Oliver, owner of Norma’s Kentiques, is a happily married empty nester that has raised six children. She loves to hunt down ugly and rejected furniture that is still valuable and sturdy. Each piece is given a distinctive look, often through professionally applied chalk paint or milk paint and given a durable finish. These bargain accent pieces are then sold at her booth within the Georgetown Peddler’s Mall (inside-far left) OR her newest location within Country Hearts Crafts and Supplies in Williamstown. See more of Norma’s Kentiques on her Facebook page and visit her blog.

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