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Online registration lets anglers avoid traffic jams at boat ramps during fishing tourneys

Fishing tournament anglers have a handy tool that can prevent congestion at boat ramps and on the water: the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ online registration site.

   Register for fishing tournaments online to avoid congestion at boat ramp. (Photo from F&W)

Register for fishing tournaments online to avoid congestion at boat ramp. (Photo from F&W)

“We’re urging tournament organizers to use this voluntary registration site to help ensure a better day on the water,” said department Fisheries Director Ron Brooks. “Organizers can use it to tell if a ramp is over capacity on a certain day, then shift elsewhere if necessary to avoid the frustration of a traffic jam at a ramp.”
Kentucky Fish and Wildlife created a voluntary fishing tournament scheduling system in 2005 to help solve congestion problems. Brooks urged more tournament organizers to take advantage of this online service to help create a better day on the water for all anglers and boaters.
“Right now, we’re depending on tournament organizers to regulate themselves,” Brooks said. “Participation in this program allows tournament directors or anglers to search tournament schedules by lake, ramp and date. Also, casual anglers can use this information to decide where to launch their boat.”
Tournament schedules are available online at the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website here. Search under the keyword “tournament” to find the webpage.
Last year, some 14,400 anglers reported participating in fishing tournaments for black bass. Kentucky Lake, Green River Lake and Lake Barkley were the top three locations for these tournaments.
From Ky. Dept. of F&W

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