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Paul Hill: Open Letter to Donald Trump: I once admired you as ‘cool guy,’ but you changed my mind


Let me say that I admired you when I was in my twenty’s. I bought your book, The Art Of the Deal and thought, “What a cool guy..I want to be that guy.” Come on. . .a New York real estate mogul who started here in Cincinnati on Reading Road. . .why not?

I then followed your career through the purchase of your New Jersey Casinos and subsequent bankruptcies and your self-proclaimed revival and actually thought “Way to go..playing the game against them.” Little did I think of the many people who put in an honest day’s pay for months at a time at your casinos and then did not get paid..the damage that did to their families. I should have thought of them. . .we all should have.

Paul Hill

Then Celebrity Apprentice..I loved the show..watching you fire Gene Simmons and Omarosa..who wouldn’t? Why weren’t we all warned when President Obama made a joke of the then “ridiculous” thought of your Presidency at the now famous 2011 Correspondent’s Dinner (Please google it if you have not seen it). It was really funny then. It should not have been.

You decided to actually run for President. Cool! I was so sick of the politicians (still am). You were going to tell them how it is. . .and you did! You killed them in the debates. Lying Ted…Little Marco..(Funny now those clowns are your only supporters)…Loved it…Get em Donald! Your debates were good TV!

Then came the revelations of the creepiness of your behavior in the teen beauty pageants..in your own voice! Trump University..really! You were and still have not revealed your tax returns? I did not believe that it would be possible for this country to elect you but I was sadly wrong.

And boy Don..you certainly did not change. Your lies became even more grandiose. You ran our country as an obvious attempt to promote Donald Trump..not for the good of our country. Is this really about Trump Moscow Hotel? My bet is it all started there and then you got caught up in the whole cult/racist/ movement..and the misguided belief by upper class white America that you were somehow responsible for the stock market rising. Just my opinion. But you certainly seized upon it.

Well, then came the Corona virus and you did nothing. I heard what you said you did. . .you did nothing and America knew that. It took that to defeat you in our election. Not good enough for you.

You want to lie to America about election fraud even though no Courts..You are 0 for more than 60 attempts with Courts, many of which were decided by Judge’s you appointed. Still not good enough Donald!

You held a rally inspiring your misguided supporters to storm our capital..AND THEY DID. Well, that is finally enough.


You are not funny anymore.

Paul Hill has been an attorney for 27 years and maintains that integrity and credibility are the most important attributes an attorney can possess. His office is in Fort Mitchell.

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