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Prominent animal welfare strategist Dr. Sara Pizano committed to making a difference in county shelters

On Oct. 1, the Joanie Bernard Foundation began work on a needs assessment, facilitated by nationally known animal welfare strategist and veterinarian Dr. Sara Pizano.

Pizano spent much of October acquiring data and statistics for the Bluegrass. She made her first visit to the area the week of Oct. 22, when she toured several shelters in the area and met with officials and staff in each of the counties, learning firsthand about their goals, efforts, and challenges.

Dr. Sara Pizano

The Bluegrass Area Development District (BGADD) Quarterly meeting was Dr. Pizano’s first stop, she spent the evening meeting with several Judge Executives, mayors and citizens of the 17-county area. As a featured speaker she shared what she has accomplished in other areas of the country, including the Northern Kentucky Area Development District as well as her desire to replicate that with shelters here. She listened to the unique concerns presented in each county and is dedicated to providing common sense low- to no-cost solutions wherever possible.

A major portion of Pizano’s time in the Kentucky will be providing best-practice recommendations to shelter directors that will help them work smarter not harder. After meeting with 10 of the 17 counties, she reported the week a success and was hopeful and energized with the efforts the shelter directors had already made.

Pizano will be making another visit to Kentucky in November to meet with the remaining shelter directors. During this visit she will also be providing a presentation on “Best Practices for Animal Shelters” on Nov. 13 at 6 p.m. at the University of Kentucky Diagnostic Laboratory Auditorium.

Pizano will talk about proven strategies to keep pets in homes, provide alternatives for shelter intake, recommendations to update local ordinances, help shelters operate within their capacity for care, end euthanasia as population control, and help communities help more animals, even with limited resources. She will also be answering questions from the audience.

The BGADD, MADN, the Joanie Bernard Foundation, and Pizano would like to extend an invitation to the public officials, shelter workers, and the press to attend this event that will take place on Nov. 13.

With the challenges animal welfare faces here in the Bluegrass, this is an excellent opportunity to come and learn how we as a community can make a difference.

From Bluegrass Area Development District

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