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Racing to save cardiac arrest victims with hands only CPR training at the Louisville Mtb short track races.

Less than one in ten people survive a cardiac arrest and last year 750 people died from a cardiac arrest in Louisville. If a cardiac arrest happens, it is critical that bystanders recognize the symptoms and administer CPR.

Start the Heart Foundation teaches free hands only CPR classes throughout the Greater Louisville area because bystander intervention doubles or triples a cardiac arrest victims chance of survival.

“The public has to respond in a cardiac arrest or the victim has almost no chance to survive. Educating civilians will create a community of able bystanders who can and will save lives,” said Dr. William Dillon.

Start the Heart Foundation has taught over 34,000 people hands only CPR in Louisville.

Start the Heart Foundation is a Louisville-based non-profit educational outreach program aimed at increasing the survival rate of cardiac arrest victims in the Greater Louisville area. Founded in 2014 by WDr. Dillon, Start the Heart Foundation teaches hands-only CPR training at no cost to the community.

Today at 5:45 pm, Start the Heart Foundation in conjunction with the Louisville Mtb short track series will conduct a mass hands only CPR training between races at the MTB Short track races, Eva Bandman Park 1701 River road.

Louisville Mtb short track racing series is a 5 week series of races in its 10th year in Louisville. Short track Mtb racing takes place on a 3⁄4 mile trail and is a cross between criterium, cyclo- cross and single track off-road racing. Short track Mtb course is designed to be fast, fun and spectator friendly.

There will be a live cardiac arrest resuscitation demonstration between races. In 90 seconds, hundreds of spectators will be taught hands only CPR.

“As a direct result of our teaching at last year’s MTB race, a young triathlete received bystander CPR after being trained at this event. The triathlete has fully recovered and is normal. CPR can save people’s lives.” said Dr. Dillon

For more information about this exciting initiative, Start the Heart Foundation or scheduling free hands- only CPR classes, visit www.starttheheartfoundation.org.

Start the Heart Foundation

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