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Road rage, careless driving, swerving cars – oh my! States with worst drivers identified

Road rage, careless driving, swerving cars: these may all be things you encounter during your normal commute. And the thought “This state has the worst drivers!” may cross your mind from time to time.

Well, now we know for sure which state has the worst (and best) drivers, at least according to CarInsuranceComparison.com in its update on the driving statistics. It’s Louisiana. The state with the best drivers is Vermont. And Kentucky is smack dab in the middle, at No. 24.

The rankings are based on statistics pulled from several sources, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorists Association, and Mothers Against Drink Driving.

There are five categories for each score, including:

Fatalities Rate per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled
Failure to Obey (Traffic Signals + Seat Belts)
Drunk Driving
Careless Driving

CarInsuranceComparison.com translated all the information into a total score; the higher the score, the worse off the states were.

Where Kentucky is concerned, it ranked in the middle in overall score but was the worst state in the category of failing to obey traffic signals and seat belt laws. On the other hand, it had the second-best ranking in the drunk driving category.

To see each state’s score, click here.

Ten states with the worst drivers:

1. Lousiana
2. South Carolina
3. Mississippi
4. Texas
5. Alabama
6. Florida
7. (tie) Missouri
North Carolina
9. Montana
10. North Dakota

Staff report/CarInsuranceComparison.com

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