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Science Guy: Cup Blow Challenge the latest event to take over the World Wide Web

It’s one of the newest challenges you’ll find on the world wide web. Our “science guy” Jason Lindsey and a local kid scientist show us the science behind the Cup Blowing Challenge.

Go to – and click on Hooked on Science for this experiment and others that might get you and the entire family “Hooked on Science.”

What are we doing, you’re probably wondering that, right? My science helper, Ethan and I are tying the newest challenge to hit the world wide web. It’s called the cup blowing challenge. I take one empty cup, place it into another, put one cup in front of those two cups and try to get the cup on the inside, into that one.

Let me try it here again. Almost! Did you see that, I did it! There is a science behind this, I promise. Ethan, what’s lifting that cup up out of that one into that one? My breath! Good job!

What’s pulling that cup into the other one? Gravity! Good job! Give me five for science. You’ve got to try this. Learn a little bit about science, while trying a challenge that you might find on the world wide web. You can learn more at hookedonscience.org.

Cup Blowing Challenge


· 3 Cups


STEP 1: Place one cup inside of another.
STEP 2: Sit the cups on a flat surface. Place the other cup directly in front of the two cups.
STEP 3: Using your breath, gently blow the cup, inside the cup, out and into the empty cup.
STEP 4: Repeat steps 1 through 2. Using your breath, blow the cup, with more force this time, inside the cup, out and into the empty cup. Compare the effects of different strengths of pushes on the motion of the cup. Provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict the future motion of the cup, inside the cup.


As you blow air between the two cups, your breath lifts the cup inside the cup, up and out of the cup. This forces the cup into the air and if you do it just right, gravity pulls the cup into the other. Go to www.hookedonscience.org for more experiments that might get you and your family “Hooked on Science.”

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Jason Lindsey is an award-winning science educator and author. Jason studied science and journalism at Western Kentucky University, focusing on general science with an emphasis in meteorology and climatology. Each year he performs hands-on science experiments at hundreds of schools and community events throughout the United States, as well as produces and hosts a hands-on science segment airing on television stations across the nation. He previously worked as a chief meteorologist, backpack journalist, science reporter and webmaster.

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