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Secretary of State urging Kyians to #BeCyberSmart ahead of upcoming General Elections

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, raising awareness about the importance of cybersecurity practices. Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s Chief Election Official, is encouraging Kentuckians to be vigilant as cyber threats continue to increase.

“We work every day to monitor and fortify our defenses against any actor foreign or domestic, that seeks to undermine our democracy,” said Grimes. “As one of my fellow secretaries of state coined the phrase, “cybersecurity is a race without a finish line” and we see that today.”

Grimes has worked to secure the Office of the Secretary of State’s cybersecurity through the creation of the Election Integrity Task Force, training local election officials on cybersecurity safeguards, enhancing security protocols and practices, and performing an audit of Kentucky’s elections to gain technical expertise on any vulnerabilities.

One measure that Grimes has set forth to the State Board of Elections is that all future election equipment purchased in Kentucky must provide a voter-verified paper trail. Kentucky does not currently have the funding to replace outdated voting machines and implement this statewide.

Grimes has asked for additional federal funding to secure Kentucky’s election infrastructure and cybersecurity safeguards, ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Kentucky is 1 of 3 states with an election in 2019, Grimes said, “as the Commonwealth’s Chief Election Official, ensuring that Kentucky’s elections are carried out in a secure and effective manner, is my top priority. My hope is that Kentuckians show up at the polls to vote on November 5.”

Kentuckians can find Protecting Your Vote, a listing of cybersecurity procedures, at sos.ky.gov.

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