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Social media campaign encourages roadway users – drivers, cyclists, pedestrians – to get around safely

The City of Lexington is launching a social media campaign to encourage all roadway users – drivers, cyclists and pedestrians – to get around safely.

The light-hearted videos show roadway users engaged in dangerous behaviors getting a pie in their face. The scenario is then played again to show people practicing safe behaviors. The videos encourage drivers to yield to pedestrians and look both ways before turning, cyclists to ride on the right and stop at red lights and pedestrians to cross at crosswalks. All roadway users should pay attention to their surroundings.

The campaign also features a 360-degree video. Viewers can click and drag their mouse to look around an intersection as walkers, cyclists and motorists swarm the area engaged in unsafe behaviors, such as texting and biking. Viewers are encouraged to identify the dangerous behaviors. The scene is replayed, and corrective actions are suggested.

The Safe Streets campaign was first launched in 2017 with social media ads, traffic box wraps, yard signs and sidewalk stencils. Later this summer, the campaign will expand to include signs with safe cycling tips at key locations and distribution of clip-on lights and reflectors to cyclists and pedestrians.

All the Safe Streets videos, along with information about hosting your own stenciling event and digital versions of outreach materials, can be found at LexingtonKY.gov/SafeStreets. Materials, including the videos, are available in both English and Spanish, and can be adapted for distribution by other cities.

Safe Streets is funded by the City of Lexington and a Paula Nye Memorial Education Grant. These grants are funded by sales of Kentucky’s Share the Road license plate and managed by the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeways Commission.

Wrigley Media Group was contracted to create the new videos; the company provided in-kind contribution of the additional services to produce the 360-degree video and the Spanish versions of the PSAs.

From City of Lexington

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