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Speed Art Museum invites creative individuals to Community Connections Residency program

The Speed Art Museum is seeking creative individuals interested in participating in its first Community Connections Residency program.

This community-based residency is designed to work in collaboration with the residents of the Russell neighborhood and the West End of Louisville. The Community Connections Residency is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts Our Town Grant and will take place in the Russell neighborhood. While the workshops and projects can take any form, the Community Connections Artist-in-Residence is asked to create a final product(s) that can be exhibited in the museum and /or community.

The exhibition could be, but isn’t limited to, creative documentation of the programs, video, original artwork, or group art pieces.

The Speed Art Museum is seeking creative individuals interested in participating in the Community Connections Residency program. (Speed Art Museum photo)

The Community Connections Residency Program is part of the Speed’s desire to reach out, amplify, and empower the people by collectively creating a platform for individuals (not limited to visual artists) to share their stories and express perspectives on social and personal topics. Our intention is to co-create a self-sustaining community art program that can be critical, uplifting, progressive, and transformative for the Russell Neighborhood.

The Community Connections Residency invites applications from creative individuals, agents for social change, artist collectives, and interdisciplinary cultural practitioners of all disciplines: architects, designers, crafts, engineers, writers, weavers, poets, performers, musicians, lawyers, filmmakers, videographers, activists, and anyone utilizing creative tools to address the community and social needs of the people.

This year, our focus will be on Black women and their families. Black women have been leading the charge for social justice movements since the beginning but have received little recognition for their works. Often these women are also the caretakers of their families and the nurturers of their community. We encourage you to think of projects that will engage, uplift, heal, support, and/or empower these women.

The application deadline for the Community Connection Residency program is Dec. 6. All artists will be considered, however priority for the residency will be given to artists or groups that are from the Russell neighborhood or another West End neighborhood; are part of an underrepresented group; and those that have community-based and culturally informed proposals.

Visit www.speedmuseum.org for application details.

From Speed Art Museum

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