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Stimulus bill passes House by voice vote, goes to Pres. Trump; no second for Massie’s recorded vote

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The Washington Post reports that the House of Representatives approved the massive $2 trillion stimulus bill by voice vote. Lawmakers returned to Washington to be present for the vote, after Kentucky’s Rep. Thomas Massie threatened to object to the voice vote, which would have delayed approval.

Massie tried to make a motion for a recorded vote, but failed to get a second, and it was declared that a quorum was present. Many members were visibly angry with Massie. Many wore surgical gloves and held their hands over their faces when they passed other lawmakers and staff.

Thomas Massie

The bill now goes immediately for President Trump’s signature which he says he will sign.

Rep. Thomas Massie told WKRC radio that he plans to vote ‘no’ on the $2-trillion spending bill approved by the Senate and now to be voted on by the House.

He has also said he will object to the voice vote the House had planned — an action that could delay the vote for several days. One objection would mean representatives have to return to the House to vote in person.

Massie told WKRC radio in Cincinnati he was concerned about spiking the national debt.

“This is $2trillion. It’s almost $6000 for every man woman and child… and represents $30,000 of additional national debt because there is no plan to pay for it.”

Massie has been critical of the “stay-at-home” and business closure issues instituted by the Kentucky governor.

“The greater harm to society is the public’s unquestioning acceptance of the unchecked authority of governments to force private behavior and disrupt economies,” Massie said in a tweet.

See The Chicago Tribune’s story here. Their paywall has been lifted.

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