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Tax Day: It’s April 18 this year — here are fun facts to lighten your mood while sorting through the code

No one likes Tax Day, except for accountants and Uncle Sam.

In fact, disdain for filling out forms and forking over funds to the government drives many of us to contemplate some pretty kooky alternatives. For example, one in five Americans would get an “IRS” tattoo in return for a tax-free future while 6% would name their first-born child “Taxes.”

It’s no wonder, either. We’ve spent billions of hours preparing billions of dollars in payments since tax season began Jan. 23.

We’re also grappling with a tax code that’s longer than all of the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones books combined.

Plus, Tax Day is a moving target. It’s April 18 — less than one week to go! — this year because April 15 falls on a Saturday and IRS offices are closed the following Monday for Emancipation Day in Washington, DC.

Fortunately, things tend to seem less scary the more you know about them. And while we experience Tax Day firsthand each year, there’s still plenty for most taxpayers to learn.

So WalletHub explored this infamous date from top to bottom in search of the most interesting, revealing Tax Day fun facts.

Source: WalletHub

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