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Teen defensive driving education program celebrates 500 graduates in first 4 years

The Fayette County Attorney Driver Education Program celebrated its 500th graduate in just four years of operation.
Keith Guy, a student at Scott County High School, is the 500th graduate of the program, which teaches defensive driving to young drivers. The program is co-sponsored by private sponsors, the Fayette County Attorney and the city.
Mayor Jim Gray said most parents support the program.
“Each year there are 1,500 collisions in Lexington involving young drivers,” Gray said. “This program is making our children safer, and our roads safer.”
County Attorney Larry Roberts said the program’s goal is to ensure students know the basic operation of a vehicle and how to react to a variety of situations they may encounter while driving.
“We provide the finest classroom simulation and behind-the-wheel training that will benefit drivers for the rest of their lives,” Roberts said.
The program teaches young drivers defensive driver techniques through the use of a “Skid Monster,” a car modified with a device that causes the rear tires to lose traction, creating the sensation of a vehicle that is out of control. It also uses a driving simulator.
“We want them to learn the proper driving techniques to gain control and avoid a serious accident,” Roberts said.
Mayor Gray said, “Statistics tell us that teenagers are 400 times more likely to be involved in a traffic accident than adults. Far too often, these accidents involve serious, and sometimes fatal, injuries. As it continues to grow, this program will make an important difference here.”
The Fayette County Driver Education Program is designed for new, licensed drivers who have logged at least 20 hours behind the wheel.
The simulator introduces students to the basic techniques in accident avoidance. The driving exercises emphasize proper use of accelerator, brakes and mirrors, driver readiness and vehicle balance among other issues.
Lead instructor in the program is Billy Fryer, a former police officer who is a certified trainer in several areas including defensive driving and emergency driving.
Cost of the week-long course is $200. Scholarships are available.
For more information on scheduling classes, call 859-226-1814.
From the Office of the Mayor

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