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The Value Of The Attribute Source Agreement Isn`t Valid.you Must Enter The Charge Account Attribute

The reseller account account does not cover refunds. The specified reseller account is not set up for accepting cards from this payment network. When starting a PKPaymentRequest, specify the right payment networks. A PayPal reseller account needed to store an update. Turn on PayPal in a new or existing reseller account and repeat the process. The out-of-date phone must be 2 to 20 characters long and contain only numbers. Your reseller account is not set up for Apple Pay support. Contact us to set up and activate Apple Pay. The reseller account provided in the transaction: the call for sale must correspond to the dealer account with which the payment was established by the customer. An unexpected error occurred when registering the reseller account. The media was notified and examined the problem. You can certainly repeat that requirement.

You need to specify business attributes in the right format. The expiry year must be greater than 1975 and less than 2201. As a general rule, the phone should be 10 to 14 characters long and can only contain numbers, dashes, brackets and dots. Some phone numbers are: The applicant`s social security number must be valid (9 full digits, with or without dashes or the last 4 digits). CVV must be 4 digits for American Express and 3 digits for other types of cards. This error occurs when a reseller account does not support credit card verification. This can also happen if your API user does not have access to the reseller account used for verification. The DeprecatedBilling code must be composed of two alphabetical characters. The reseller account does not have active processor settings that support 3D Secure for this type of card. The zip code must start with a letter or number and may contain only letters, numbers, spaces and dashes. This error is displayed when you try to create a transaction with a blocked reseller account. U.S.

state codes must be made up of two characters to meet the requirements PayPal for the protection of sellers. You must provide a funding email address if your funding goal is email. The name of the candidate`s company may contain only letters, numbers and the following characters: — ! (“./+,”. The maximum length is 40 characters. The reseller account does not support 3D Secure checks for the card type. The URL/Web for a customer`s statement must be 13 characters or less. Valid formats are M/YY, M/YYYY, MM/YYY and MM/YYY. The month should be 1-12 or 01-12. The specified business postcode is not valid.

It must be five digits, followed by an optional dash, spaces and 4 additional digits. Custom field values must be less than or equal to 255 characters. The error message for this validation error contains a list of custom fields that were too long. This error is displayed if the reseller account ID cannot be updated. You can only use letters, numbers, and – for the dealer account ID. Custom field keys must match the API name of a custom field configured in the configuration panel. The error message for this validation error contains a list of invalid keys. PayPal custom field must be less than 256 characters. U.S. bank account verification methods include independent_check, network_check or micro_transfers. You must provide a valid postcode for the applicant.

The currency in the subscription plan must be the same as the currency in the merchant`s account. The amount must be the 3D Secure authorization amount. The version of 3D Secure authentication should only be made up of numbers and must be separated by points (z.B 1.0.2). You must specify a legal name if a tax identifier has been indicated. Reference identifiers or tracking an acquisition process must not exceed 30 characters. Checks cannot be done with trading accounts.

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