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Today is DAY ONE of KyForward’s NewsMatch campaign, reaching out for reader support

By Judy Clabes
KyForward founder

Our readers should already know, but in case you don’t, KyForward is a nonprofit newspaper, one of a growing body of nonprofit newsrooms across the country. Our emphasis is on local news and local public service. We are published by the Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism.

We are a group of professional journalists who believe in the importance of an informed citizenry to democracy, in honest and ethical reporting and writing, and in caring deeply about Kentucky. We mean to sustain journalism in the right way for all the right reasons.

KyForward aims to provide a sustainable model for independent news in a state where locally-owned newspapers are fewer and fewer. Our emphasis is quality journalism in an online, everyday format that serves both readers and the marketplace with a newspaper – albeit online – it can be proud to call its own.

Today, we start Day One of our NewsMatch campaign.

Having been selected by a coalition of national funders who are stepping forward to preserve and advance local nonprofit news, we are participating for the second time in a campaign that will match – that means double – every individual’s contribution to the Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism between now and December 31.

The idea is one we embrace wholeheartedly – that local independent news should be supported by its readers voluntarily and that support should be widespread and broad throughout our readership area.

Our goal is $100,000. Ambitious but doable.

We will have matches from NewsMatch and others for every penny.

If you like reading KyForward, if you like having local and state news, if you want to see it grow, expand the staff and just do more – then we need your help.

Our news is free to all. We will not have a pay-wall and will not require payment. That’s voluntary and we hope our readers understand why the support is necessary. Everyone should be able to get the news. News-gathering is not cheap. The news doesn’t put itself on our pages or keep the technology working or volunteer to answer emails or the phone or pay the bills. However modest our expenses are, they are still expenses, honest and true. And we want to hire more reporters and editors who understand how to do what we do.

It doesn’t take much from each individual if everyone participates, if everyone engages, if everyone wants to sustain a reliable independent news outlet.

Join us today at the starting gate. Help us kick off our campaign in grand style.

Click here to contribute online (it’s secure) or send your check to KYCPSJ, 644 Braddock Court, Edgewood, KY 41017. (KYCPSJ is the Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism, KyForward’s publisher.)

Familiarize yourself with Who We Are here.

Here’s what NewsMatch has to say about the campaign:

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