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Tour raising awareness of post-traumatic stress among healthcare providers to visit Lexington

The Taking Care of Our Own 2019 Tour initiative, an educational event offered for all healthcare providers to raise awareness for post-traumatic stress and the impact it can have on all individuals in the profession, will be hosted by the MedEvac Foundation, along with several partners, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday, Aug. 2, at Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport, WestLEX General Aviation Services complex, at 4464 Gumbert Road.

You can learn more about the event online at www.medevacfoundation.org

To register online, visit aams.formstack.com

This event will focus on the unique challenges and opportunities facing those involved in the care of critical care patients, and the MedEvac Foundation International encourages all associated with emergency medicine, critical care, pre-hospital and hospital staff to attend this professional development opportunity to learn best practices that ensure a healthier, more resilient workforce.

The greatest asset of any healthcare organization is its people – the personnel who serve the community during their worst moments, and who ensure that their patients receive high-quality, compassionate and life-saving care.

Those on the front lines work in a high-stress environment, facing tragic accidents, devastating human situations, all while trying their best to help prevent the possibility of patients’ death on a daily basis.

In order to thrive in that context, critical care workers must engage in self-care, and their managers must be acutely aware of the workplace risk. Managers need to recognize and address employees who lack resilience and fail to “bounce back” after traumatic and tragic situations they deal with on a regular basis, often resulting in post-traumatic stress disorders.

Taking Care of Our Own presentation events are hosted by nationally recognized Sharon Purdom, president of the Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association, and Phil Ward, board member of the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics.

If you would like to investigate further, or if you represent a local critical care organization and would like to sponsor the event and be recognized, please reach out to Mr. Rick Sherlock, President and CEO, MedEvac Foundation International, 909 N. Washington Street, STE 410, Alexandria, VA 22314, 703-836-8732.

In addition to MedEvac Foundation International, this event is sponsored by the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services, the Kentucky Fire Commission, the Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association, the International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics and the Blue Grass Aiport’s WestLEX General Aviation Services.

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