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What Is Ttv Service Agreement Fee

These offers are generally only available to customers who have not subscribed to a particular or telus in the past. This agreement is governed by Kansas law, regardless of the conflict of laws rules. Any controversy or claim arising from this agreement or its violation is settled by arbitration and managed by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its commercial arbitration rules. Such arbitration is subject to Kansas law and takes place in Dodge City, Kansas. The arbitrator will be an expert in the field of Internet services. The arbitrator`s award of arbitration is final and binding and the judgment on the arbitrator`s award of arbitration can be entered in any court responsible for the matter. There is no class action arbitration under this agreement. If United provides you with equipment for the use of the Service, a cancellation, downgrade or change of service by you before the end of the original term of the contract may be subject to an additional fee. You must also return all devices provided, such as DSL modems, power supplies, filters, surge protection, wireless modems, antennas and all other devices provided by United, or charge you for the replacement of these devices. If, during the first period, you move a fixed service to a new residence or if you change the telephone line within the same residence, you may be charged an additional fee. You agree that all notifications that are not required to be made public under this Agreement will be made if they are forwarded to each of the parties by email or fax or authenticated mail, return confirmation or by Federal Express or any other recognized night delivery service, in accordance with the latest contact information you have provided to us.

United`s contact information published on United`s website. All notifications are effective as soon as they are received, with the exception of the effectiveness of e-mail and fax communications during transmission. In accordance with the service agreement (“contract”) between and between Telepak Networks, Inc., a Mississippi company that provides services under the C Spire™ (“Enterprise”) brand and the customer identified on the back of that agreement (“customer”), the company agrees to purchase the services (the “service” or “services”) and the equipment (the “equipment”) at the listed prices. , the terms and conditions listed below and as stated in all applicable rates.

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